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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Personal information
Country of origin    Pakistan
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Country of
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Gender    Male
Age    16
Influences    Lester B. Pearson
Other interests    Studying Religion, Nintendo Games, Traveling, Learning new languages
Faith Information
Current worldview Christianity
Left Islam at age 15
Born or convert to Islam? Born into Islam
Parents' worldview Islam
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Testimony of Leaving Islam

Hello everyone. I will greet all of you by saying "Peace be upon you of all faiths and religions" and not "Peace be upon only those who follow true guidance of Islam". The reasons why I left Islam are numerous. To begin the journey, I'll have to go back a few years.

I was born into a "moderate" Muslim family of Pakistani origin. I have lived in Canada for over 15 years and enjoyed its democratic freedoms, despite the fact that I knew the term "freedom" itself was alien to Islam. I honestly had no problem with Islam, in fact I loved it so much when I was little that I would believe in all of the absurdities (jinns, shoulder angels etc.) of Islam. However, I was "little" back then so I had little knowledge of Islam. I did not fully know what Islam really taught. What Muhammad's actual lifestyle was like. What Islam's ultimate mission was. How Islam achieves its goals, and of course how Islam treats its followers. These topics are seldom discussed amongst the Muslims here in Canada, and if they were to be discussed it would always involve misrepresentations of the truth, verses quoted out of context, exaggerations, and fabrications. All of these things are essentially the backbone of "Taqiyya", which is the permissibility of lying in Islam.

In early 2009, it happened. Yes, you guessed it, I was starting to lose my faith in Islam as fast as my fingernails grew. Did Muhammad really see an angel? Is the Qur'an true of false? Is Allah real? This caused me to investigate Islam. Indeed, investigating ones religion and being exposed to blatant truths can be dangerous, but then again the Qur'an itself says "Truth stands clear from Falsehood". So I gave it a shot, and started using an extremely useful tool called the "Internet" to commence my quest. The very first pieces of evidence I came across to prove Islam as true were these pictures of Mother Nature that were found proudly displayed on Islamic Da'wah websites. These websites said that Arabic scribblings resembling the name of Allah or Muhammad were purportedly found on a tree, in the sky, in a watermelon, on a goat, in a forest, and as far as a childish imagination will take you. However, I knew it was completely ridiculous to rest my faith on these silly photo shopped images. So I went on in my quest and eventually I came to this website which I'm sure you know called "Faith Freedom International" by ex-Muslim Ali Sina. Like most Muslims who are exposed to anti-Islamic material, I initially stayed away from that site and wanted it removed. However, I stopped and started thinking rationally and logically. I said to myself "Come on man, let's just see what's going on with Ali Sina's website and see what it is on his website that's bringing hundreds of Muslims out of the so-called darkness of Islam".

So I took a sneak peek inside and I started seeing the truth. I encountered Ali Sina's challenge and saw the irrefutable claims he had against Muhammad. For a period of roughly three months, I've been reading articles exposing the truth of Islam. I saw the true color of Islam. The dark side of Prophet Muhammad. The deception of Allah. The lies of the Qur'an. The blunders in the Hadith. The more truth that I was exposed to, the more questions rose in my mind. How can a man who marries and consummates with a child at the age of 9, be an "Excellent role model for mankind"? How can Islam be a peaceful religion when it kills its apostates? How can Islam be a religion of friendship when it viciously hates Jews, Christians, Idol Worshipers, Women, Homosexuals, and Apostates? How can Islam be a religion of love when Allah only loves Muslims according to Qur'an 3:32? How can Islam be true when its basic beliefs (such as Jesus not dying on the cross) completely contradict clear historical proofs of historical events such as Jesus' crucifixion? How can a religious book permit sex with slaves (Qur'an 4:24)?

The truth is that these questions are rhetorical and thus cannot be answered by Muslims without using Islamic deception to some degree. Now for me, Faith Freedom International went from an Islamophobic blog to my bookmarked favorite websites. I can't believe Zakir Naik, a famous scholar of Islam, runs from Ali Sina's challenge. While being exposed to the truth of Islam, I also came across the teachings of Christianity and the sayings of Jesus Christ. There is literally no comparison between the characteristics, sayings, and deeds of Muhammad and Jesus. The God of the Bible was teaching his followers to love everyone and not only fellow Christians. He taught people to live humbly in peace and not to wage war.

And so my respected readers, this is how I left Islam and found a way of life more "livable" for me. All I can say is I hope all Muslims read what their scripture teaches. Truth always wins at the end of the day.

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