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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the Islam Watch website and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Shilpa Madav
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Country of origin    India
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Gender    F
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Current worldview Hinduism
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Testimony of Leaving Islam

Unfortunately, I was in Love with a Kashmiri Muslim guy for the last 6 years. He was in Kashmir, and I was in Mumbai. Though it was a Long-distance relationship, this guy being with a so-called "kafir" literally made my life miserable right from the beginning. The initial days were good and joyful, but as time passed, the time came, when things were to be revealed at our respective homes. He was from a Muslim family and I am from an Hindu Maharastrian family.

1) When I told this news at my home, my parents were damn comfortable with it, as my parents are very well educated, my DAD being a Supreme Court lawyer and Mom an H.R Representative with Britannia's, they were completely fine with me marrying a Muslim - Though they must have been hurt, but just for my happiness they tried to pretend to be happy.

2) The situation at his place was like this: His Mom and Dad are separated - again, no new thing in Islam - as his Dad had had several affairs outside the home. My guy was staying with his Mom and Brothers - at their new home. They were completely against this marriage, as his family just kept on quibbling, saying: "a Girl from Mumbai, from a metro will not be able to adjust here in this village in Kashmir. She may get irritated soon, and then it may lead to: Talaq, Talaq, Talaq." It was the most disgusting thing ever.

Although he tried to convince his mom for almost 2 years he was unsuccessful. Than, as an orthodox Muslim, he went to consult a local mufti. He went to the mufti and told him the situation in the following manner :

"Mufti Sahab, I am in love with a Hindu girl from Mumbai. I love her a lot, and she even loves me a lot. But my parents are not agreeing to this marriage, although the girl is ready to be a "Muslim". [And yes, I was ready to sacrifice each and every thing for him, moreover, he had put so much love for Islam in my heart, that, I was really hypnotized. I had learned to offer namaz, I used to fast during Ramadan, I used to give Zakat to the trust; and did almost everything that a Muslimah does]. When the Mufti heard this, he guided the guy, saying: "If the girl is ready to be a Muslim [by her choice], than you do not wait for a minute. Simply ask her to accept the shahada let her be a recognized Muslim first, and than automatically your family will have to accept her]"

The very next day, the 8th February 2008 , was the blackest day of my life. I, along with him, went to Jama Masjid in Mumbai, recited Kalmiah in front of many eyewitnesses, and the next day, he went back to Kashmir, taking all the necessary documents with him. After few days, he openly told his family that we had gotten married, and his mom insisted that he take me to the same Mufti who had guided him through this, and so he did. Here is what the Mufti said when I was in front of him: "What is the big deal if the girl has become a Muslim? Let her remain a Muslim. You cannot go against the wishes of your Mom. You cannot marry that girl - let her remain a Muslim. You will get a reward on the day of judgement."

When I heard this, I was shocked. It was like dying and coming back to life. I was so damn shattered. In the name of religion he did this to the one he said he loved. I asked him: "Why did you do this to me if you never wanted to marry me? Why did you spoil my reputation in front of the whole world - by making me accept Islam [ so soon when you were not so sure about marrying me]?" He replied: "I took that decision - I'm in an emotional state. I never meant to do so." In Urdu he said: "Maine JAZBAAT main aakar, yeh decision liya tha".

From that day onwards, I really spit on the name "Islam" and now when I have gone through your website - this is the first time that I have felt like discussing my issues. I feel so ashamed, even now, to face my parents because of this. However they really are the most wonderful parents that I could ever have. You all wont believe that while writing this, my eyes are filled with tears. All thanks to my near and dear ones - my family - and also to your website. These things have given me a new life - a new world to dwell in.

Thanks and best wishes! May all your sadness be mine and may all my happiness be yours

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