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Mass deletion of hundreds of pages
<br />I was convinced by the site owner that this was the new site policy and so I removed the ban. I totally agree with you guys. Unfortunately, the site policy includes deleting and rewriting articles. The site is no longer aimed at criticizing Islam as it was intended. Not to mention that I don't think the editor is competent to re-write the articles and is familiar with Islam in depth. I am not angry with the owner and the editor, because I believe they do it with a pure heart, but unfortunately I do not agree with them at all on the politics, views of Islam and with the facts they claim. I hadn't even entered a year of disappointment. Unfortunately, the only place without masks and makeup will be make-up and masked. Sad, very sad because I love a site that was full of facts from the Islamic scriptures themselves, where they could not be found anywhere - so far. Excuse my English<br />
Damaskin <br />
::::Hello. Thanks your English is looking good. I do not believe you did something wrong to work on the articles that are deleted. I am feeling this site makes it easy for me to win debates with Muslims. [[User:Guillotino|Guillotino]] ([[User talk:Guillotino|talk]]) 17:55, 29 November 2019 (UTC)

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