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Friday Sermon at Al-Azhar University: The Jews are the Muslims' worst enemies[edit]

Egyptian Cleric calls on Allah to annihilate Jews and Shi'ites in a Friday Sermon[edit]

In Palestinian Authority TV film, Muslims beat Jewish settlers, and cut their sidelockss[edit]

Islamic Jew-hatred in the Middle Eastern media[edit]

Part 1: Brainwashed Children[edit]

Part 2: Blood Libels[edit]

Part 3: Anti-Semitic Slurs[edit]

Part 4: Holocaust Denial[edit]

Part 5: Conspiracies about Zionists[edit]

Part 6: Regional Jihad[edit]

Part 7: Egyptian Calls for Jihad[edit]

Part 8: Calls for Jihad in Lebanon[edit]

Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments: The Muslims will kill the Jews on judgment day[edit]

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