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*[[Allah the Best Deceiver]]
*[[Allah the Best Deceiver]]
*[[Dihya the Berber Queen (Al-Kaahina)]]
*[[Dihya the Berber Queen (Al-Kaahina)]]
*[[Banu Qurayza]]
*[[The Genocide of Banu Qurayza]]
*[[Isa al-Masih]]
*[[Isa al-Masih]]

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Satanic Verses (Gharaniq Incident)
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The Satanic Verses (also the Gharaniq incident) was an incident where Prophet Muhammad acknowledged Allat, Manat, and al-Uzza, the goddesses of the Pagan Meccans in a Qur'anic revelation, only to later recant and claim they were the words of the Devil. (read more)