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Thank you for your interest in contacting WikiIslam. The email address below is to be used for important purposes only. In order to avoid the possibility of your email being ignored, please read and follow the appropriate suggestions made on this page before proceeding.

Contact Reasons

General Discussion

Due to a lack of time we are unable to respond to general comments and questions about Islam or to engage in general discussions. If you want to debate issues concerning Islam, there are numerous forums where you can do this (e.g. Ex-Muslims Reddit, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain Forum, Religious Forums, and The Interfaith Forum).


If you are interested in helping us and would like to know how to contribute, you can read the "Join the Team" page. If you choose to request an account and become an editor, read the "Message to New Users" and "Required Reading" pages.

Specific Article

If you want to comment on a specific WikiIslam article, you can use the article's discussion page to do this. Prior to creating a new discussion topic, read "WikiIslam:Talk Pages" for a summary of the general policies and guidelines concerning talk pages.

Enquiry or Suggestion

If you have an enquiry or suggestion for the site, you can use the Visitor Inquiries Discussions page. Prior to creating a new discussion topic, read "WikiIslam:Talk Pages" for a summary of the general policies and guidelines concerning talk pages.

Complaints or Concerns

If you have a complaint, concern or some other serious matter you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to use the email address found at the bottom of this page. Such reasons are why we provide a contact email address in the first place. However, be aware that emails which contain death threats or insults will be ignored. Do not post complaints, concerns or other serious matters on the Discussions pages. That is not why they are there for. Those pages are there for friendly discussions between editors (or for general enquiries), and we will not tolerate users who attempt to disrupt or discourage our editors with their complaints. If you do decide to violate our site's policies by posting them in the wrong place, your complaint will be reverted/wiped from the page's history and you will risk being blocked from further editing.


The Frequently Asked Questions and About Us pages may be helpful to read before writing to us.

You can reach WikiIslam admins at the following email address: admin[at]wikiislam[dot]net