Al-Nurayn and Al-Wilaya

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While they are widely seen as fabrications in most of the Islamic world, some Shi'ites believe there are two additional surahs which belong in the original Qur'an called al-Nurayn and al-Wilaya.

Al-Nurayn (The Light)

O you who believe, believe in the two lights.

He has revealed them unto you, warning you against the torture of the Great Day -- two lights emanating from one another, for I am the All-Hearing and the All-Knowing.

Truly those who fulfill Allah's pledge and his Apostle's verses shall be rewarded with Paradise. Those who disbelieve by breaking their covenant and what they have pledged to do before the Apostle shall be thrown into hell, for they did injustice to themselves and disobeyed the supporter of the Apostle.

Therefore, they shall be caused to drink from the Hamim River in hell. Truly Allah is the light of heaven and the earth as he wills, and he has chosen his angels and apostles and made believers of those whom he created.

All do whatever he wills. There is no god but him -- the Merciful and the Compassionate. Those who came before them cheated their apostles, and so I have stricken them with my cunningness vehemently and painfully.

O Apostle! Preach my admonition, for they shall know. Those who fulfill their pledge to you are likened to me to be rewarded by Paradise. Truly Ali is one of the pious. We have sent Moses and Aaron, being appointed his successor, yet they disobeyed Aaron.

Be of good patience! They will become old. We have given you judgment, just as we did to other apostles before you. We have appointed a guardian to you from them, that they might return. Truly Ali is devout, lying prostrate at night, warning as regards the Last Day, and hoping for the mercy of his Lord.

Say: "Should those who act unjustly be treated equally, while they know my torture?

Al-Wilaya (The Saintly)

You who are believers, believe in the prophet and the saint which we sent, they will guide you to the strait path.

A prophet and a saint (belong to) each other, and I am the all knowing, the experienced.

Those who do (obey) God's covenant they (deserve) comforting paradises.

And those who if it read to them our verses, they contradict it.

[Meaning: If somebody (unknown) were to read the verses (from the Qur'an) to them, they reject would it.]

They have a great place in Hell, if they called in the day of judgement: where is the unfair, the contradictory for the messengers ?!

The messengers don't leave them (without) the truth, and God (will not allow them) to win till a short time.

Praise your lord (and) thank (him), and Ali from the witnesses.

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